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Recovering for Life

Life coaching for women who are rethinking their drinking

Do you wake up thinking, “I’m not drinking today” but end up doing it anyway?

Are you up at night, searching the internet for solutions, only to be overwhelmed or frightened by the information?

Do you know it’s time to make a change, but can’t do it on your own?

You are not alone.


Many women are rethinking their relationship with alcohol and searching for the right support. If you know it’s time to make a change, but feel wary of traditional programs, there is an option for you.

Blue Water

I can help you navigate alternate paths to change your thinking around drinking, and ultimately make changes in your consumption of alcohol.

Through coaching, many women experience:

  • Healthier and more meaningful relationships with children, partners and loved ones

  • Dramatic changes in physical and emotional well-being

  • More joy and peace of mind

  • Space for new possibilities and untapped potential


All of this and more can emerge unshackled by your relationship with alcohol.

My name is Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown.jpg

I am a professional Recovery Life Coach with specialized experience and training in addiction, recovery, and life skills.

 I am trained in the best practices of both professional life coaching and addiction recovery and have expertise in life management strategies and productivity tools. 


Each person navigates this journey in their own way.

I can be your guide, mentor and trusted advisor on this journey and get you on a path to recovery. 

Together we will:
Determine Why
You Drink
There are many reasons that people drink. We want to uncover your reasons so that the plan we put in place actually works for you.
Explore What Drinking Less Looks Like
It can be scary to think about a total life change. We will break it down into manageable steps to ease your fears.
Apply Strategies in Everyday Situations
  • Learn to manage cravings

  • Navigate social situations

  • Identify alternatives for stress and anxiety

Are you ready to make some changes and start on a path
to a more meaningful life?

Please call or email me. I look forward to speaking with you!

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