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How does Recovery Life Coaching work?

I partner with you to help you solve problems and enjoy life by replacing destructive habits with healthier ones. The relationship between you and me, as your Coach, is a collaborative one. We will explore your options and challenges together. As we set goals, we will focus on your strengths, capacities, talents, and skills.

My role as your coach is to:

  1. Help you to define your goals based on your wishes, dreams and interests

  2. Provide the tools, structure, support, and accountability to help you reach those goals

  3. Provide ongoing support

How will I benefit from Recovery Life Coaching?

The alliance you form with me, as your Coach, will also help you discover what is intrinsically meaningful to you, beyond the expectations and goals of others. I will empower you to come up with your own answers, dreams, and plans while supporting and giving guidance along the way.  With my assistance, you will build skills that will prepare you for challenges that may arise long after our coaching relationship ends.

I already have a therapist and a sponsor.
Why do I need a Recovery Life Coach as well?

A recovery life coach builds on the support provided by a therapist or sponsor.  By providing practical guidance,
a Recovery Life Coach helps you stay on track and take the actions that bring about life transformation. 

I have identified some goals in treatment but I do not know what to do next. How can a Recovery Life Coach help?

Goal attainment is the foundation of the coaching work. At each session, we identify new and attainable actions that will help you move towards achieving your goals. We breakdown each task into the specific steps you need to take and a timeline to complete each step. To ensure you continue to make progress, I provide the tools to help you complete each task and the structure to keep you on track.

Phone: 203-722-7221

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